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    try to see it from a different perspective other than your own meaning, the guards, the rangers and others with certain responsibilities that go beyond making sure you get to surf where you want to. Yes, it was small and not critical for you and me and many others - but what about the Joe Surfer-since-May with his NSP filled with false confidence. The reality is that if you count on the general public to use good judgement and make responsible decisions, then guess what, your going to regret that decision every single time. How are you supposed to discern the ability and skills on land? "Oh your from CALIFORNIA, well, thats different, why didn't you say so before? Step right this way sir."

    SH attracts inland kooks like flys to **** - they, and the websites that hype up and encourage them and surf shops that sell them NSPs are to blame for the situation - not the rangers.

    Zippy you just sound bitter because the place where you (and I both) grew up doesn't look the same 3 decades later. Have you kept up with the news about Sandy Hook? Because guess what, for the last 7 years its been a c__t hair away from being turned from a public area into a B&B and corporate events location.
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