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    Smile Improvement

    94L is looking more favorable for development now, with 3 of 6 major models predicting a northwesterly track. But what really makes me excited is the parade of African waves going West!

    Hoping that at least one of these systems develops over the next few weeks...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stoneybaloney View Post
    I hear ya, but after this holiday weekend it'll thin out. Then once 4/3 weather hits, it'll get even thinner.
    Good Riddance!

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    She's got a name... crowds or no crowds, it's freakin great to get some sizable waves to ride.

    Come on up the coast and sit 500 miles offshore for a week or two!

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    Erika... I know where you can sit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodndtube View Post
    Erika... I know where you can sit!
    1st in line to order at popeyes.