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Thread: Greetings

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    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum...and nearly new to waveriding it's been so long. In brief, I learned to bodyboard and surf in HI 25 years ago when I spent a summer there. But, after coming back to the East Coast and being disappointed so many times, I got to the point I didn't even take my board to the beach. Well, Hurricane Bill changed all that! I'm back in it and thanks to my in-laws, I have full access to a house in Bethany Beach, year round. I have my new bodyboard (gained some weight over the years and finally creased my old Scott board during Bill (how many of ya'll remember Scott boards?) And, I will get a surfboard soon. But, what I don't know is what kind of wetsuit needed for the fall months of Sep-Nov and the early Spring from Mar-May. I'll think about Dec-Feb later ;-)

    Do you all have any suggestions on thickness I'll need? During my research, I see conflicting information, so I thought I'd go straight to the source - you guys.

    I'll be monitoring swellinfo closely and will be headed to the beach as swells justify.
    Anyhow, thanks for a great site!

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    3/2 sealed seam

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    Quote Originally Posted by SearchForShacks View Post
    3/2 sealed seam
    he's gonna need a lot more than a 3/2 in march.

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    i wear 5m booties, 5m gloves (crab ones are better) and then a 4/3 hyperflex. I think ur fine with a 4/3 in md but 5/4/3 is nice too

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    Hey man, I use a 4.3 for the majority of the cold months, if you do decide to go between Dec.-Feb. you might want to think about getting a 5.4. My friend wears a firesuit under his 4.3 for real cold days...hope that helps.

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    This is what i recommend

    july to september - trunks or spring
    october - spring suit or 3/2
    november - 3/2 , 3mm boots, maybe 4/3 towards the end of the month
    december - 4/3, 3-5mm boots and gloves
    january to march 5/3+ boots,gloves
    april - 4/3, boots/gloves
    may - 4/3 (early may can be quite cold) - 3/2, boots
    june - 3/2 or spring

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    Get a 3/2 for now, and a 4/3 for when its super chilly. If you plan on surfing year round a 3/2 and a 4/3 are a must!!!

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    Just what I was looking for! Thanks to all of you for the information and steering me in the right direction. 3/2 to start and 4/3 later. Works out great for the budget and right on time for Santa.

    Thanks again,
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    Don't forget a hood, unless you're into severe brain-freeze. If I'm wearing one down here I'm sure y'all are wearing some pretty thick ones up there.

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    I wear a good 3/2 up till novemberish. And a 5/4/3 through the winter. A 4/3 with a 1mm shirt and attached hood is a good way to to be economical and get the functionality of both a 4/3 and a 5/4/3. But lets not lie there is a difference.

    Two suits that are a must are a 5/4/3 and a good 3/2

    I wear 5mm or 7 mm booties, i get cold feet fast.

    and 5mm gloves.