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    9/11 will never be forgotten. May good will and happiness find the families of all those who were lost. Many thanks to all of the people, firemen, police, civilians-all...for all they did and for risking their own lives.

    I would also like to say thank you to those who do serve and have risked their own lives for whatever reason they think they are doing it for. You have alot of courage and may health and happiness stay with you.

    However, and please, nobody take this personally. It is not meant or aimed at those who do risk their lives or are serving-I know you are good and courageous people. Here is the thing though.....NOT a single f-ing war since 9/11 has been about protecting America. Granted, and thankfully, our servicemen have, and our government were able to stop alot of terrorist plots and more casualties from happening, like 9/11. Though none of this war was actually about protecting America. If it was, they would have taken care of Bin Laden when they knew where he was-and which was the real "war on errorism", I mean "terrorism." Granted, that a-hole Sadaam needed to be ousted, but that is not what monkey man errr....bush gave his high school style pep rally about while alienating every foreigner in our country in the first place. These wars have been senseless and far too many lives lost in the process from all sides. My buddy's brother went to 'fight' overseas about two months ago. A F-ing month in, his truck got hit and he now has no legs to show for it. For what!? Was it in the name of protecting America....HELL ****ING NO!
    I support those in the service,my dad, my Grandpa, and my uncle served in the Navy as well, and I wish you all the best of luck and health....But- I am sorry, if you think you are fighting to protect America, you are just one of the sheep. The service may have been about that at one point, but it has not been for a while....
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