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    Quad Retro Fish For Sale!

    Hey everybody, Ive got a 5'6" Cape Surf(Cape Canaveral, Fl) retro quad fish that im putting on the market. The board is 5'6" x 20"1/2 x 2"1/2. The board is super fun but it is a little small for me and i picked up another board that works better for me in similar conditions. The board was bought new and has no major dings only slight pressure dings on the deck. I painted the stripes on the nose they look good and are straight with only usual wear on the rails from being in bags etc. Like i said...the board is fun just not for me and to be honest i need the cash for some massive car trouble. Im asking 200 and would be willing to ship if recipient would cover costs of shipping. I included the necassary pictures below but pm for more info/more pictures if you would like.
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    200 bucks i'd say that's a steal. Honestly if I didn't just buy a new board I would've gladly taken that off your hands.

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    it really is a great board and i def think that this is a steal but im just unfortunately not really in a position to not gather interest with a low price.