Hey guys,
I got back into surfing this summer after a few years away. I've been riding a buddy of mine board, a 6'4" Flyer 2, but doesnt seem to float me well enough and seems difficult at times to catch waves on. I am 6'2" tall195 lbs. I'm in good shape, but definitely a little rusty. Looking for a board that will be good for most of the time here in north FL, but maybe be able to handle some days when we get a little swell. I checked out a few boards locally called "Island" shaped by Stu Sharpe in Cocoa beach. One is called "Squash Fish" which is basically a short board that is wider through the tail and a little thicker and wider overall. The measurements were 6'4"x19 5/8x2 3/8...I was thinking I could get a custom that was slightly wider and thicker. The other board is called a "Blunt nosed Fish" which is 6'5"x21"x2 7/16 , with more volume up front with a pulled in swallow. They are both thrusters and both epoxy. Any opinions, recommendations or suggestions are appreciated...please include dimensions if possible.

Thanks in advance