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    For Sale: 5'10 JC surfboard

    Its a nice board, hardly ever used. I'm selling for $450. Includes brand new Gorilla Traction pad. Has 2 minor, professionally fixed dings. one on the rail and the other on the back. South Jersey area. Thanks.
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    what are the dimensions, maybe a picture. The one you post i cant see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lax8810 View Post
    what are the dimensions, maybe a picture. The one you post i cant see.
    5'10 X 2.15 X 18. and what cant you see?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripcurl058 View Post
    5'10 X 2.15 X 18. and what cant you see?
    link requires aol screename to view

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    alright, thanks for that. i don't know how to put it up then...

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    there we go
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  7. Dude... no offense but for $450 you might wanna post a much nicer picture of that board.
    Clean the old wax and discoloration (I asume that's from the wax) off from the deck. It looks like your trying to hide the pressure dings.

    Take and post up pics of the top, bottom, close up of dings repaired, etc.... just some advice man. I've sold quite a few online. And you are asking a primo price, you might want to put forth some effort in your sales presentation in order to get that $450.
    Friggin buy some Fire Water and give that thing a rub down and buff it out. Try to make it look new for that price.

    The more detailed you are in your pics, esp. the areas with the dings the more interest you will have. Otherwise it just looks like you are trying to hide something, and that makes people suspscious and they will steer away.

    Also, is it the Shane Dorian signature model? If so you might wanna add that they are $525 new and they are saving $75 bucks (providing that your board is in such great shape that you advertise it as) by buying yours. However you do include a nice stomp pad included.

    Good luck with your surfboard sale.

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    alright, i'll work on it.... the price is only high because i was trying to get a firewire, so i could use the extra money. thanks man