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This is interesting. Last night I went with option 3. I paddled back out and my buddy was like "how was that one?"

I replied with "it was good until I got dropped in on, probly would have been one of my best barrells of the year. Oh well!"

His buddy heard this and reported back to him when he got back out there. But normally I would say something like "How was my wave?" Give him the chance to explain himself (may have been an honest mistake) and then kept surfing.

I can honestly say that I have not dropped in on anyone in about 2 or 3 years. It just ruins the wave for me knowing I just did that to someone. Maybe that's why I get steamed when someone out there doesn't even take the 1/2 second to turn their head and make sure no one else is already on it.

yeah i find it hard to not notice someone on the wave. i know exactly where everyone around me is when i get out. plus what else are you doin when waiting for a way. its hard for me not to notice someone on a wave. the only time i get close is with my buddy when we butt for the same wave after no sets for a while.