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    Cool Where to surf sunday?!?!

    Where you guys think itll be best sunday in centralish Jerzeyy from like bay hear and up ??

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    The Forecast button has your answers

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    The exact spot where central jersey is, check it out on latitude line it resides and go there, we will all meet you there to tell you that you are the man. It's the best spot in the world. Thank you for starting this thread.

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    NJ is looking like it is going to get as dirty as you could want it.

    How about that nothing but GREEN GRAPH for FRISCO! for the next FULL WEEK?

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    ummm yo im from monmouth county bro and ima sayjust chill watch the winds. wait for it too clean up. no point trying in this chop. its a huge washing machine out there. todaymight be do able though . winds seeem to be really light up here in long branch. but find a spot near you that maybe got pumped with sand this year?? thats were im going up in here. the sand all got washed out. made an awesome sand bar.

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    Washing machine???
    your gyno called, he wants to schedule an apt as soon as possible

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