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    Hyper Flex 5/4/3 Flow review

    Okay 2 weeks ago I got a 5/4/3 flow and I wanted to give so people so real life result on Hyper Flexs Flow series suits and how they perform.

    Okay The suit itself is a 5/4/3 Flow . It has fleece lining on the chest , hood and back for added warmth. Front Zip with draw string on the sides and hood .

    The suit has great strech and fits snug but not too tight arounf the cuffs and was easy to get in but not to the point that the proper fit was sacrafised.

    Once in the water I notice it was really hot in it almost to the point that I was sweating. But is was in the Mid 60's today but when the wind picked up I didnt get any chills or feel the wind blow threw the suit.

    All the seams are sewed , glued and taped and I could not feel any leaks the seam work at all . only time water got in the suit is when I got sucked over the falls and I wasnt wearing the hood and a little bit of water got in the suite but i was only cold for a few mins.

    Over all I have to say that I am really happy with the suite and recomend that if anyone need some new winter rubber and for $224 its a great bargain

    I will post some pics soon as the suit dries out
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