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    Thumbs up Sunday surf stories, share! (11/15)

    hope everyone scored today, it was sooo much fun!

    hit up maryland surf spots today:
    AI was breaking way far out, lining up nice with long lefts and occasional long rights. set's solid head high with some fairly consistent overhead sets rollin in. LONG paddle, and the inside was real tough if you got stuck during sets. definitely a bicep burner today.

    after AI we hit OC midtown for some barrels before dark. Also super fun, much easier paddle, shallow, and some really nice left and right barrels! good form! smaller than AI by a few feet, but still chest-head high sets. hopefully the morning will have light enough winds to score before it gets chopped up.

    and what a sublime day, could it have been any more perfect? it was glassy with size and form and the weather was just perfect. balmy and beautiful with a perfect swell, nothing i'd rather do in the world than surf!!

    how'd everyone else make out?
    post pics if you got em, and tell your stories. how were the breaks you were at/sandbars?
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