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I hear ya Stoney,
I HATE going to the thicker rubber. I stretch my West Lotus 3/2 for as long as I can. Right now I have an 8 oz Hyperflex polyolefin fleece L/S rash guard & shorts on underneath. w/3mm boots, 1.5mm gloves, and no hood - no issues. However, it looks like the hood is coming out this week.

My next step will be to add my Hyperflex polyolefin fleece full body suit to the mix.

After that - hopefully Jan - it's 5/4/3 time w/7mm boots & 5mm lobster claw gloves
Thanks for the info. It helps me out since you're probably right near me and you are trying to keep the 3/2 going. I think I'm going to try one of those fleeces underneath. The boots/gloves I have are both 3mm. I wouldn't mind 5mm boots as of now because my feet are always cold for some reason.