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    There's nothing right about this thread........is this what we're "saving the oceans" for? Show some control you sick fu***rs......(seriously,..."winter" and "epic" conditions might get reconsideration...both very rare situations at best) Didn't you sick bastards just finish the "tourists dumping gargabe" thread? Nothing makes sense anymore....I gotta go drop the kids off at the pool.....AT THE POOL....NOT THE OCEAN!!!!

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    I'm assuming it was the five sandwiches I ate yesterday that were made on whole grain, but I dropped trunks three times today and fed the fishes.

    I did drop a deuce intentionally on three guys who paddled out right on top of me and my friend. They paddled into us right up current and then drifted through the line up. Mind you this wasn't a crowded summer time beach break, this was a not another sole visible in the line up as far as the eye could see summer time beach break. And if they hadn't mean mugged me for, I'm assuming, being a bodyboarder, I would've paddled out a little past the line up. Oh well, that will make you think twice next time you mean mug a body boarder after paddling right on top of them.

    Chances are you were waaaay north of me though. Which would be consoling if the longshore current wasn't moving north at such a swift pace.

    Oh well that shark I saw probably ate it anyways.

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    unfortunatley i had to do it today. I was lifeguarding but my break wasnt for another half hour and i just couldnt wait. So i called on my walky talky that i was gonna go take a dip in the water, which your allowed to do. Just swam out and did it and it started floating. I would never do it again.

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    what a bunch of kooks

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    ahhh. nature's enema.

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i poop in the water all the time. theres no better feeling than having salt water cleanse the bunghole after you drop the load. its so refreshing i highly reccomend it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wbsurfer View Post
    i poop in the water all the time. Theres no better feeling than having salt water cleanse the bunghole after you drop the load. Its so refreshing i highly reccomend it.
    hrumph !!!!!!!!

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    Sometime you gotta do it, I have an IBD, and before I was diagnosed, I had to do the aqua poop, it wasn't pleasent. The time I rode the biggest wave of my life, I had to crap so bad, and with an IBD, when you have to go, you have to go there is no ability to control, right after I rode this wave, which was several feet over head at Witches Rock I tried heading to the shore and crap, I didn't have time so I had to do it in the water. I had no choice what so ever, but if you do have a choice, there are lots of nasty viruses you can easily spread. C-Dif for example. My brother got that one in a pool. It's a feces borne disease and not pleasant.

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    I prefer to get it out of my body before surfing. Lighter is better. I've gone on the beach before when running way up where no people are. and behind dunes if the skeeters done bite my arse to much. I also did it in front of a bear cave once in the Shenandoahs. I bet he ate it for breakfast.
    I think about all the bacteria in LA water coming from humans and the thought of sewage in the water is pretty repulsive en mass. No doubt a random one here and there wont have much effect. I love the Baby Ruth in the pool from the Caddy Shake movie. I"ve done that before and it works.
    Farting in the ocean is a whole other ballgame!!

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    we need surf just to keep the idiocy and kookery at bay. what a bunch of clueless morons. i shart on all of you daily. get a life, weiners