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Thread: Barrels!

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    im sure plenty of spots were just as good as bayhead but think maybe thru word of mouth and knowing some pros are getting shacked somewhere draws more peeps to jump in at that spot.

  2. could explain why everyone was grouped within 2 jetties

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    the pier was fun, i was out 230-dark. choppy at times, but fun. not too many open barrels to be honest, but there were some to be had. sets were sizeable, some overhead. the drift made my arms hurt a lot

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    spring lake was packed, right after school let out, everyone started comming

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    I've had great sessions at spring lake and Ive had kook sessions at sprink lake with some local dudes makin comments with 4 people out trying to make it sound like its Pipe and why people are suring there vs. down the beach. Summer same thing, I know cool dudes out n water who surf well and have great vibe while other long/shortboarders think they are Jordy and run the jettie like its a world class wave.

    I get repping your break but dont be a douche and respect other people especially if your are surfing in spring lake, other spots in jerz, yes can understand being a bit more selective and aggressive but spring lake take it ease.... just my 2 cents.

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    yea yea me and all the pros killed it/ you shouldve seen it