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    that's some seriously heavy sh_t. did you see Greg Long's drop? I'm pulling for him to get another couple of big ones.

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    Feb 2008
    inSANE contest today! I can't believe I watched the entire thing. GREG LONG wins!
    Slater 2nd

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    The contest was sick... Greg Long caught the Bomb of all Bombs and got flogged... Hands down winner, but Roman Navarro or whatever was charging too. Overall sick contest... And who would have thought his winning acceptance speech would be so eloquent and sophisticated? That was cool...

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    Watching those guys pull into the shore-break was the craziest thing I have seen. it was so cool hearing the crowd go crazy as some of the riders were about to get barreled only like 20-some feet from the shore Watched it for almost 2 hours on my computer yesterday. I can't wait for the pipeline masters!

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