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    Two used boards for sale

    My quiver has gotten a bit out of control, especially for an already small apartment so I am looking to sell the following boards -

    Al Merrick Channel Island Pod, I think its about 6'2" but can get exact measurements on request. Great board, works well in all conditions. Other the a few pressure indents it is in good shape, its 3 years old, prob used 20 times a year. Looking for 400 or best offer.

    Second board is a 7'8" NSP funboard. Just bought it used myself past summer for 250, will sell for 200. Perfect for people who like a longer board but hate driving with them strapped to the roof. Fits perfectly in my honda accord. Its epoxy, so virtually inestructible. Good learning board or just a fun board you don't have to worry about busting up. Interested parties reply to this post with email phone whatever and I will contact. I am in NYC if anyone wants to check the boards out.

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    $400 or the merrick seems a bit much no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulltilt720 View Post
    $400 or the merrick seems a bit much no?
    i bought a new merrick for a bit more than 400, but the second post still remains...

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    I paid around $700 for it new, and while I don't have a picture, it is the exact board shown in the link pasted below (which is also being sold for $700), with the obvious exception of 3 years wear and tear. Dings wouldn't really show up in a photo anyway so if you are interested, come take a look. I would like $400, but am flexible. To be honest I don't use it very often and I can't take much more of my girlfriend bugging me about getting rid of it. Plus I am broke, so someone please buy the d@mn thing so I have money to go somewhere warm and use my remaining board.

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    Great effort to sell boards. No pictures and you get to drive all the way to NYC to check them out. Nice!

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