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Thread: quick question

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    quick question

    ok being that theres alot more beginners on this site i hope i get better response than the last site....
    my question is

    is there a way to estimate how much weight a board will float before it starts taking away from performance?
    like will a 6'0 19 x 2.3 float up to 180lbs? or less?
    besides trial and error i have a few different boards and they all float me differently. thickness and width play a big part im sure, but how much float is too much or too little and how can you tell if your not getting enough?

    also im 160lbs and just curious to see what other people are riding in that weight range...

    looking forward to some feedback

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    simple formula length x width x thickness / your wieght you are looking for a number around 20 for a shortboard slightly higher for a stepup

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    pretty close to right for you 19.6 for a guy that is 180 it is gonna be a little small. as always use common sense look at things like rail thickness. also shape.

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    i have seen guys around 165 lbs on a boards as small as a 5'10 i dont know the width or thickness

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    is that the width that "20" number?

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    when i use that formula i get around 1.625 rounding off

    6 x 19 x 2.375 = 270.75 / 160lbs = 1.6921

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    ..if you can rip...you can always take away some inches off the board

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    It is a formula some guys on swaylocks came up with and for me all boards, it seems to come up pretty close. Don't get me wrong some guys definitely ride small small boards but I can say this seems to be damn close.

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    Sorry guys all numbers are in inches.

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    to help give you an idea, im 160-165 and my everyday shortboard is 6 x 18 1/8 x 2 3/16