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    Js paraletic buckle

    Hey I buckled my JS paraletic a couple of months ago and have been just riding it out thinking it would snap on me sooner or later. It hasn't, probably because of the carbon fiber rails but do you guys think any shaper or someone can fix the buckle in the EPS foam?

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    this time of year its going to be tough due to the weather and most guys do their repairs outside. But doesnt sound too terrible
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    I have my own ding repair business and i hate working with epoxy. This time of year its such a pain to get the right mix with this cold weather. Wait till it starts getting warm

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    lets see a picture...

    Ive had a buckle in the nose of my sharp eye since the fall. I fixed it up and its been fine since. Knock on wood. But its also in a non critical part of the board.

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    Thumbs up UnderToeGlassing Co.

    Talk to Brandon at Under Toe Glassing Company. His glass work is super good. I just saw a buckle repair he did, i was amazed with the finished product. He does all my EPS repairs.Hes dedicated and NJ local:.........

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    here are some photos i took with my phone of it
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    doesn't look bad at all you shoulda seen the buckle on my ezera, it was PU though, K Coast ding guy fixed it really well