I'm going to start posting a lot of photos from Folly Beach SC. Mostly from the Washout. Had to send my wetsuit back to Oneil so I'll be outta the water for a while. Depressed. But thought I'd whip out the zoom lens and capture some photos.

Every time there is a good swell I'm going to try and get out to the Washout to get some pics.

I dont have the best photo editing software...Windows Photo Editor...but if someone wants a small portfolio put together let me know.

I have some pictures up right now from the Hanna swell from way back to just see what my pics look like. Check it out. All comments welcome.

Anyone know of some good editing software like Photoshop etc. and some techniques. I know..very broad topic but if you have some advice for surf related photo editing I would appreciate it.

Mike C.