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Thread: bodyboarders

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    **** you boner

    boner i want to beat the **** out you piece of ****. **** you. cutbacks and ****in bottom turning are fukin boring as hell. you watch a surfing movie and a bodyboardering movie and you be much more entertained by a bodyboarding video. surfers do the same thing over and over again. barrel, cutback, barrel, cutback. its ****in boring. go **** yourself boner

    and by the way ****head heres a surfing video and a bodyboarding video


    gay ass surfing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ihatesurfers View Post
    why hate bodyboarders? why cant everyone just get along
    ause some people just are so angry with their lives that they take it out on other people. It takes time and maturity to realize were all humans and were all together in this game. If you want something to be mad about focus on this ****... http://imageevent.com/firesat/strang...1&w=4&x=0&p=14

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    this message has been deleted..
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    Thumbs up i guess its summer...

    has it been flat that long??? boner is 19 and lives in VB, does there need to be further explanation? there's better surf in richmond after a good rain. let it go... all good things in all good time. and if he doesnt figure it out on his own, some one will show him in due time. and yes, boner, i am a "stand up" surfer, and you may "shred" me in ankle slappers, but... oh well, time will tell. life is WAY too short to get got up in **** like this. if you're surfing in a crowd, then you are already an idiot! this is the east coast, there are very few swells that require a crowd... hope y'all get some...

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    Wink back paddling

    WIMP . now you're back paddling even more . dont need to say " sorry " . be a man and back up what you told everyone you would do . talk is cheap . you called everyone out , so now what you are UN-calling . excuses excuses . i was drunk , i was joking , i was ..... . whatever kook . bet you talk big becuase one of your relatives is a cop . you wanted to PLAY , now you're gonna PAY . hope some gets you beat down on video .

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    Boner Is Gay!

    Dude. I will out surf you on my bodyboard and you on your glass any day...and people from this forum who know me know I will. This question of the craft is SO 80's. Everyone is over it. With the variety of the waves, there is a variety of tools. And with a variety of tools, is a way I can keep dropping on lil punk A$$ f'rs like you! But I like the heat you brought to the forum. It is so fun. Tension is great! But with the creator of this site being a bbder, the following is very bb friendly. So some of these guys might just come get you. AND VB waves blow. If you surf there you should be better of playing bad-mitten. HAHAHA!

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    yo tommy give him a j mobb welcome

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    hippie bowl

    boner u jackle

    i found out where u live....i have grommet friends...

    tommy p is pretty much my brother. your walking a thin line by calling him out, not only with him but with me that lives about 5 miles from you. you will learn to respect people. in and out of the water. you will soon learn not to run your mouth. its just crap that you have no idea what you are talking about ever....your just a kook, bottom line. you have balls by just posting what you posted. now lets see you use those balls little man.

    the hammer is down

    bz/morey boogie/churchill

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    i hope to see this beatdown in the next east coast film

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    Quote Originally Posted by OBlove View Post
    Dude. I will out surf you on my bodyboard and you on your glass any day...and people from this forum who know me know I will.
    yea i can vouch for that!