I am from OC MD area originally, but i didn't ever surf to much in the winter growing up there. I know that the water can dip all the way down to about 36-37, basically as cold as salt water will allow, but I thought that happened in about mid february. I live on the west coast now, but I check all the mid atlantic reports daily. It says that everywhere from Hatteras to Jsery shore is 37-41 degrees right now in the water.

Am I crazy, or is it just colder there than normal, much faster than normal. Like I said, I didnt ever surf much in the winter since wetsuits werent nearly as advanced as they are these days, but 37 sounds fu**ing cold. I know you guys had a blizzard and arctic air blasts, but that is crazy. I thought last year the coldest I saw north OBX was like 42.... 37 down in NC! I know south of hatteras is about 10 degrees warmer, but even wilmington is already 47 it said.

Global warming my arse!