Wetsuit had to get shipped back to Oneil for some repairs after some seam damage. With no wetsuit and freezing temps I decided to pick up my camera and start a surf photography blog.

Started taking photos because my current home break, (while I'm at college) The Washout, Folly Beach, SC, has a very small amount of photographers on the beach. Since I started taking photos (12/26/09), its been a pretty big hit with over 50 requests for photo DVD's and countless emails.

With all the positive feedback I've been thinking about taking some longer trips to other breaks to expand my portfolio maybe up to OBX for a long weekend etc. Still a novice when it comes to editing and my Nikon D40 isnt the best body but I'm making due. Check out the photos leave some feedback if you'd like. For now the photos are of my local break, Folly Beach.

Mike C.