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    Quote Originally Posted by surfingboy65 View Post
    what technically is a bonzer... new to surfing what is the main difference between that and a short board and what is the pro and cons when should you use a bonzer compared to days you would use standard short board. I know its all preference but like just to get an idea.


    bonzers can be anything you want them to be...hpsb, egg, longboard, fishy-type, mid-length, etc..."bonzer" is the fin set up combined w/ the bottom contours. personally, i love them! pretty much every board currently in my quiver is based around the bonzer concept. brian wynn is a great bonzer shaper, learned directly from the inventors, malcolm & duncan campbell, while he was in california. i find them to be faster, better barrel boards, & just overall more suited to my style of surfing. in steep, fast breaking waves, i find that i'm able to project around sections better on a bonzer than on a thruster. bonzers also can get higher & tighter in the pocket w/out sliding than a thruster. i have a few thrusters, but they all feature the deep bonzer-like bottom contour. the only board that's not really bonzer centric is my log.

    ps-props to the guy who bumped this thread back to the land of the living! i enjoy a good quiver discussion/oogle-fest! i'm waiting on a couple boards, then i'll post up a complete quiver shot...likely sometime in the spring!
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