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    check out d'angelo, erykah badu, common, the roots, bilal. d'angelos album voodoo is sick

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    Quote Originally Posted by robb View Post
    check out d'angelo, erykah badu, common, the roots, bilal. d'angelos album voodoo is sick
    If you like the Roots check out Black Landlords also from Philly...

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    Anyone like Mac Miller ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double Over-toe View Post
    tomorrow's bad seeds is way sick! but yall gotta check out SOJA if you've never heard of them. and eagle eye cherry is way sick too
    went to their concert never heard of them before they are great!

    It always changes what i listen to now i listen to, SOJA Rebelution, Sublime, 311, Passion Pit, Modest Mouse, Notorious, Slightly Stoopid, Tribal Seeds

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ SPONGIN View Post

    He is coming to AC dec 29th i think, prob going to go see him his stuff is nice

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    Ha... I do this every time this thread pops up. But here we go...

    I've been making beats seriously for about 2 years now... My stuff is pretty good. Check it out if you like... Its got a kind of Hip Hop/Electronic/Downtempo vibe going on... Lots of samples and synths... http://soundcloud.com/tbonebeats... Those beats are somewhat dated on there though, cause I'm stockpiling 'bangers' to release an LP... So I haven't been posting anything "really really good" in a few months...

    On the other hand stuff I like to listen to is...

    Favorites: Pretty Lights, Prefuse 73, DJ Shadow, RJD2, Sound Tribe, Cut Chemist, Greyboy... Those kinda things

    Hip Hop: Wu Tang! (RZA is my idol), Dre, Nas, basically any "good" hip hop

    70's Funk/Soul: Average White Band, Bob James, Roy Ayers, Bill Withers, Bobby Womack, Issac Hayes, Donny Hathaway, Lamont Dozier, Bobby Bland, just to name a few

    Jazz: Ahamad Jamal, Pat Methaney, Grant Green, Nina Simone, Lighnin' Hopkins.

    Crazy Funky Electro: VibeSquad, Heyoka, Ill Gates, Opiuo, The Molisk, and older Glitch Mob

    Psyc Rock: Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Jimi Hendrix. That kinda stuff

    Basically I like a very wide array of good music...

    Music I cant stand though is stuff like Jack Johnson, Dave Mathews and Donovan Frankenrider... Sorry guys but this sappy, feel good stuff makes me wanna puke! I'm pretty burnt out on punk too honestly.. And I can't stand "Rap," Like Lil Wayne that kinda **** (Wiz Kalifa is the exception to that rule). I'm not too keen on Country or Bluegrass either...
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonerSurfs View Post
    I'm pretty burnt out on punk too honestly
    ha! i was the same way for a while, then i dusted off my old social distortion cds & gained a new appreciation for that style of music. i was a big NOFX, blink-182, pennywise, & bad religion fan when i was in high school, but now the stuff w/ a bit more melody to it gets my attention more (still a bad religion fan). social d (& mike ness as a solo act) draws from such a wide array of influences that it blurs the line between punk & other genres of music. i've also been on a bouncing souls kick of late (i blame dark fall for this), but i've always really liked their music. the fact they're from nj doesn't hurt, either.

    i'm personally not a big fan of hip hop/rap myself...just isn't my style.

    my uncle got me in to blues when i was a teenager, tho i'm not a huge fan. & i grew up w/ my father listening to jimmy buffett, which eventually led me down the road to country (big johnny cash fan), tho the uber-redneck stuff i can't stand. then of course there's bruce springsteen...his album "the rising" is prob. one of his best efforts, IMO. it really covers the wide array of emotions stemming from 9/11 & captures the mood of the immmediate aftermath really well. it's just a great album.

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned Phish....especially after rocking the first ever three-night run at the legendary Boardwalk Hall only one month ago. There's other good stuff out there depending on your tastes, but if you like straight up talented rocking these guys are on another lever completely, IMO...

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    Listening to music that makes me groove is top priority for surfing- As a musician myself, I take pride in many tastes and genres - check out my blog and band site at www.pressingstrings.com for a bunch of great music videos and surf videos