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    I took a look at elride after I saw this thread, they seem like racist douche bags. WTF? Some of the stuff I saw was just ignorance! Sad that people still think like that, it's 2010 and last time I checked, the USA was a melting pot, not a slave market.

    Swell info all the way!
    Hmmm, Ive been a member on el Ride for over 3 years now and while there may be a few knucklheads there, I havent seen many flat out "racists douche bags" over there. What you havent seen is the amount of money and support that group has come together for and raised for people that need it. Billy Blues of gtownsurf had his camera damaged....what did el Ride do? Pitched in and bought him a brand new camera so he can bring us daily updates from the coast. Not to mention the fundraisers for Nate Lytle and Johnny Romano. Its still a great place, you just have to figure out how to navigate around the knuckleheads. Cool to see some familiar names over on this forum as well...will be fun to share some of my pictures here as well as El Ride.

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    I have enjoyed Elride until today when the access to it was blocked by my IT due to malware threat bummed.

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    Not interested also.