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    Crazy Killer Whales

    So, I am against the captivity of pretty much all animals, much less large Ocean Predetors... But once again, "Shamu" killed one of it's trainers. This time it looks completely premeditated... I feel terrible for the trainers, but when are we going to cut the sh** and stop pretending that "KILLER" whales are safe to play with....

    This article just hits me close to home because the SD sea world is like 1/2 mile from my home. I hear the seals and other sea life making crazy loud noises all night long... I love all those animals, but at the same time... come one people.... come on....

    here is a link

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    agreed "killer" whales.
    Not "Fluffy, Freindly" whales.
    feel bad for the families too.
    Did they watch the movie "ORCA?"-great flick
    These animals are just too big and too smart for captivity ( most animals fall into this category ).
    I saw the show while I was in SD.-been there done that. I wish I didnt support it though.

    again "Killer" whales.
    Do not act so suprised when it happens. Freind of mine said- "Just take a Great White, add about 10-20 feet , a larger more complex brain and lungs instead of gills."

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    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    anyone who thinks that these animals aren't intelligent & self-aware (ie: sentient) is either a moron or has never come into contact w/ them.

    one of the most humbling things that has ever happened to me happened while i was lifeguarding on long beach island, nj...i was out on a paddleboard, maybe 75 yards out, when i was suddenly surrounded by a pod of dolphins. it was cool as $#!t....there were babies, young dolphins, older ones, all checking me out, & i them. it began to go south when one baby got *too* curious & came too near to me for his mother's taste...she moved so fast! before i could even change direction, she was between her kid & the board, so close i could smell the fishiness of her breath & see the warning look in her eye. it clearly said, "do NOT f###k w/ baby or something horrible will happen to you." while all this was happening, mr. alpha male, or daddy, or both, made his way over. now, mama was a full grown critter...6-7ft of sleek, grey, hydrodynamic muscle. papa, on the other hand, made mama look like a midget. he was HUGE!! nearly as long as the 10'6" rescue board i was on, & weighed easily 4x as much. if he'd gotten pissed, i wouldn't have had a snowball's chance in hell of surviving.

    so reason for these guys to be in captivity. it's a full-time job just keeping my parrot entertained, & she's no where near the size of a killer whale, & prob. not as smart (tho her intelligence & problem-solving skills stun me daily).

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    Sometimes I know just how that whale feels, right up to wanting to kill my boss and all.

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    These animals shouldn't be in captivity, period. I'm sorry for the trainer's family, but **** happens when you cage very wild creatures. This should serve as a reminder that undomesticated animals should be left the f*ck alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ughVeeBee View Post
    Sometimes I know just how that whale feels, right up to wanting to kill my boss and all.
    i feel that dude, i F#*%$NG HATE when my boss makes me flap my fins for a fish treat!

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