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Thread: Dumb question

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    Dumb question

    Sorry for the dumb question but the hardest part about surfing in the winter is getting my wetsuite on and off. Are there any tips or tricks on getting out to make it easier.

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    plastic bags to get it on, take it off in the shower

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    what kind of suit? Is it ziperless? Some people put bags on their hands and feet to help slide them through (sweat) but I've never done that.

    Step by Step:

    work with a dry suit if possible
    put right leg in and push down as far as possible into leg hole
    same for left leg
    bend over and roll/fold up ankles of the suit and then pull around heel
    pull suit up to wais and adjust knee pads. Make sure everything is snug
    put right arm in arm hole fold/roll up wrist of suit and push hand through
    same for left arm
    adjust elbows and make sure shoulders are snug
    zip and velcro

    taking it off

    do the opposite of what you did to put it on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epidemicepic View Post
    plastic bags to get it on, take it off in the shower
    Never thought of bags but that may help, I usually leave my socks on to help slide over the ankles, that helps a little.

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    With my front zip I kinda reach inside and pull the waist up threw the opening making the it easy to get waist in . In the winter I wear Polypro sock under my 7 mil boots so getting my feet thew is easy.

    I boot my boots on like mentione earlier. they I just pull the suite up evenly and work one arm in then the other the work it evenly up over my shoulders.

    With gloves the Plasitc bag trick works great. I just roll my sleeves up the put my gloves on then roll them down one at a time.

    getting it off the the same just in reverse order. Take your time and remove it evenly and it wont be so hard to get off . Your you cant just wait til you get home in the shower aswell

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    just figure it out and do the best you can.
    wetsuits suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    just figure it out and do the best you can.
    wetsuits suck.
    That's the bottom line unfortunately. They're a necessary evil in my opinion. I never enjoy having to wear one, but on the EC that would mean surfing like 2-3 months. In a perfect world, I'd never have to wear anything but boardshorts.