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i live w/ my gf about 3 blocks back from the beach in oc, nj...i've been here for about 3 years now & it's great. i get to ride my bike to surf 99% of the time (basically, unless it's really cold or i'm going to surf someplace other than the spot out front, which gets pretty darn good & is hard to drive away from, i'm on my bike.)
we rent, but the housing prices are fairly affordable for where we are & we're saving up for a down payment on a house in this same neighborhood. hopefully the house we end up buying will have a garage to support my surfboard habit!

i really liked san diego when i was out there...very chill vibe. i really liked surfing the cliffs & black's...prob. my 2 favorite spots that i surfed out there. drove up to trestles, but it wasn't really working, so i'll have to wait for another trip to experience the magic of that spot. it's been almost 5 years, so i think it's time for another cross-country road trip...
Yeah thats what I was toying with as well I wanna buy a house closer to my work and closer to where I surf the most . The Market right now isnt the best so until then I am not ever gonna bother putting my house on the market