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    For Sale: 1974 Suzuki TS250 (pics)

    1974 Suzuki TS250. 7500 miles on it. Runs 100%. Historic. tagged and street legal. Comes with history, bill of sale, title, and a new cover. 1000$ in ocean city, md. if your interested. Private Message me. who ever show's up with the cash first gets it... im holding this for no one. thanks, Clifton.
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    Nice bike I would post it on planetnminitrails.com if you haven't already. Hey questions...I just bought a '71 Honda CT70 and I want to get plates so it is street legal so i can cruise around on it at the beach. Was it difficult for you to get that done with your bike I live in MD also? Thanks

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    thanks for the tip.. & i dont really remember what the stipulations were to make it street legal... i know since it was historic i didnt need to get it inspected and it didnt need turn singals or mirrors or anything..... i think its a deal with how many CC's it is.. look into it and find the min CC's and tell the DMV whatever and they'll give you plates on the spot ... now passing the MC licence test is the tricky part... i failed 2wice... and gave up... so ive been riding dirty for 2 years....

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    Yeah try that site for sure but it is down today for some reason. here is another one i would post here as well as craig's list http://planetminis.com/. People are all over these old bike so you should be able to sell it no problem. I already have a M class license so i am set there I was just worried about getting tags for it. sounds like with the historic plates which i am doing here i should be fine. Thx