I'm no geologist but I do watch a lot of Discovery and History channel and basically, eathquakes are just a natural part of order on earth. The plates are always shifting or errupting from volcanoes located at the diverging plates, etc. (which is how our continents were formed). Oh and if the super volcano under Yellowstone National Park blows (which could happen any day now), we're totally doomed.

There was a show called Apocalypse: 2012 on Discovery where they went over the different scenarios about how the world could end in December 2012. However, by the end of the show they basically said that 2012 has no special meaning and that it just happened to be the end of the Mayan calender and that we are as likely to have the world end tomorrow, as we are in 2012 or any year after that.

These shows are always on at night and make it hard to go to sleep after watching them (I usually watch them in bed). They really put in perspective how insignificant humans are.