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    whats the lowest you will go with that biscuit?

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    $330 prices are pretty firm....psycho 2 3/2 is sold ...getting a lot of intrest on the quad fish and the biscuit. anyone looking for an aviso???

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    i live around the monmouth county area, are you local enough i could drive out and check out the fishcut ?

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    yeah im like 30 min from monmouth university.. let me know when you want to stop by...biscuit sold.

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    aviso- $500 , ksmall - $300 , fishcuit- $200.

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    ttt... the fishcuit is probably going to sell this weekend, but its first come first serve need these out

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    Oct 2009
    Monmouth County
    if the fins are still available can you please send me a pic. I'm interested in the FYUs

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