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    The san O would have been my first choice, but the price is steep for new anything. I got a quote from Harbour last year for that model:
    up to 8'11"=$820
    9'-9'6"= $845
    9'7"-10'= $870
    10'1"-10'6"= $1075
    10'7"-11'= $1100
    That's w/o color.
    I think used is a good way to go and try new boards.
    That price is actually lower than most other companies for the same level of product.

    If you can get a used board in near mint condition for a few hundred less I would a good buy .

    If you are unsure about buying a Harbour you might wanna check out Bing's Site as well .

    Quote Originally Posted by Sensei View Post
    Do those fins work well, the type that flex alot? Curious? What size for a 10' log?
    For a 10 long board you can use a 10 to 11 inch fin . I flex drive fin will give you a very responsive turning while the wide base will give you the stabilty to walking the board and noseriding and has nice drive to get you down the line . this fin is a good all around fin. Your you can go the route of a 11 inch Pivot Fin which is a great fin for noseriding and smooth gliding turns. Pivot fin also has good drive but wave size is a factor

    It really depends on you taste and style of surfing. I have a bunch of fins and I experiment with them in all my boards
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