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    Last chance Wednesday?

    Is Wednesday looking decent? It looks like quite a flat period coming. Any advice? Bag work and hit it? Some are saying to 'choose wisely.' SOS

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    Could be good

    Wednesday is looking like it can be decent. Just gotta fund a place tht takes kindly with nw winds...

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    Wishful Thinking

    I'm assuming that it's just my desperation for a decent session that is clouding my judgement call for Wed. and the need to surf or, you are all really good at keeping a secret!

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    (Right now) waist to chest down here. clean. hightide just passed, looked fun.... Stuck in the office till 5.

    Yesterday was epic. I went out from 5-7. i saw 3 broken boards in about 45 minutes

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    well f##k me!! this was severely under called today in oc! i paddled out around 5:30 to chest-head high barrels & surfed for 2hrs...the swell dropped while i was out, but it was super fun the whole time. i was rather under-gunned at first, having paddled out on my 5'10" dwart...would've been better off on my 6'2" wynn bonzer. oh well....still fun & still got shacked!!

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    ^ Very true ^ Paddled out this morning at 8am and it was funky and kinda big. Not as big as yesterday but still bigger than knee to waist. Nobody out that I could see. I got pounded pretty good a few times and kept telling myself "stop being such a wuss it's knee to waist high" .