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    Now when we refer to the locals of Cape Hatteras are we referring to the Algonquian Indians? They were there long before "God's" manifest declaration that it was man's right to drive 4x4's on the beach. Put it in perspective people because there are hundreds of miles of untapped beach to surf along the island so rather then focus and lament upon the several miles that are shut down take solace in the many miles of beach the government has spared from development for us to enjoy.

    I don't hear any soul surfers or locals complaining when S-turns is firing

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECsponger View Post
    My guess is you guys who oppose my opinion are all-for this proposition for offshore drilling too, huh? Need more gas for your off-road 4x4 SUVs? I wonder how their economy and tourist attraction will fare if a catastrophic oil spill calamity washes up on their beaches (as well as yours) I guess you won't have to worry about the plover anymore if that happens.
    tho i can speak only for myself, no. i do not in any was support the president's misguided proposal to expand offshore oil drilling. i'm opposed to the idea now, was opposed to it 10 years ago, & will remain opposed to it 10 years from now. it's a bad idea. end of discussion.
    my point about cape hatteras being set up initially as a recreation area was intended to convey the idea that there should be some kind of RATIONAL compromise. what's currently going on (& has been going on for about 2 years now) is not rational by any means. it has effected the tourism down there (during high season) quite a bit. when i was there in june '09, the crowd was much lighter than previous years at the same time. it looked more like april or may than the end of june, crowd-wise.
    the towns there rely so heavily on tourism that to do something like this smacks of a complete disregard for fellow human-beings. the groups that sued the national park service didn't even try to sit down & reach a compromise, they went straight for the jugular & took it to court. this is not the local chapter for the audubon society that did this. these were people who do not live there, & are completely out of touch w/ the day-to-day lives of people who live & work to pay the bills. the lawyer who argued the case for the audubon society is from georgia, i believe.
    they call the initial agreement the "consent decree", which is misleading, b/c that name implies that both parties agreed to it. unfortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth. the court gave the national park service an ultimatum: accept this plan, or every beach on the island will be closed to beach-goers. no walking, no fishing, no surfing...no access to the water of any kind from the land.

    ok, disclosure time: i'm biased. i admit it. i own a rental property in buxton. my numbers were significantly down thru the summer season. didn't pick back up until the fall (when nesting season ends). i also live year-round in a tourist town that could have this very thing happen to it b/c of these birds. it's unlikely, but possible.

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    Stop being liberal tree hugging ***s (you two know who you are)... not worried about all the other beaches that are not closed... that's not the point...no compromise is needed at all because it is a recreational area not a wildlife refuge. Can't you get it through your thick skull this is not it. Its not just a couple of miles that are temporarily closed. The Federal government NEVER gives back what it takes away (liberties & rights or physical property) and continually expands in size. If we consent to these couple of miles of beaches being closed without a fight then we will never get them back... the next step undoubtedly is more restrictions or more closings.

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    the only true invasive species of humans are the self-righteous blind faith anti-God anti-human religious fanatic 'enironmentalist' 'green' holier than anyone else blasphemers.
    this beautiful island of Hatteras has been tended and cared for by these people without you intruder invaders all these years.we don't need you or your 'help.'what makes you so special that you know better than us? there is no evidence.you are liars,you are hypocrites,you are wrong.

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    ECsponger you suck!!! "Save a bird destroy a town" These beach closures are killing local business owners. I have talked to many and they have felt the impact. Have you noticed how many restaurants are for sale and business closures. The locals are getting hurt by a bad economy and now this. Hey lets keep God out of this debate please . Talk about complicating a sensitive issue. He is not needed here. Gonna cook some plover tonight in a ceremonial dinner.
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    Another hard days work!!!!!!!!!

    she is KILLING a fox. for the full picture go here
    scroll down towards bottom

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECsponger View Post
    Yet this closing only effects ONE of your above mentioned. So man created these islands for man-use only? No. Mother Nature created this place for reasons beyond known by man. And we only want use it for our pleasure? Seems that's only why opponents reject decisions made by their elected governing officials. All this coming from a Baltimorian.
    Quite the contrary - I am not aware of any of the above mentioned breaks being closed off to 4WD vehicles AND pedestrians due to bird or turtle nesting (S-Turns, Lighthouse and Frisco Pier). Moreover, each of those spots has drive-up parking and/or public parking areas and a simple 20 to 40 yd walk to designated as a wildlife refuge and the Cape Hatteras Seashore was established as a recreational area.

    Furthermore, the Audubon Society and its partners would like nothing more than to close the entire area off:
    "Approximately five dozen scientists have signed on to a letter drafted by Audubon North Carolina which solicited signers to add their support in asking the National Park Service to adopt the "highest degree of protection" listed in the US Geological Survey's management protocols that include full year round closure to all recreation -- both ORV and pedestrians -- of Bodie Island Spit, Cape Point, South Beach, Hatteras Spit, North Ocracoke and South Ocracoke.

    The protection called for also would limit recreational use of the remainder of seashore under National Park Service control to protect a "zone of the ocean backshore at least 10 meters wide and running the length of the site from recreation. This zone should be adjacent to the toe of the primary dune wherever a primary dune exists (i.e., recreation should be restricted to a corridor between mean high tide line and the edge of the zone of protected backshore)...Management should revert to Option A item 1 if plovers are documented in an area..." states the protocol for piping plovers. Option A item 1 is a complete closure of all potential nesting, roosting and foraging habitat.

    At the very least, states the letter, the "moderate level" of protection described in the protocol should be adopted. This measure also would close the areas to ORV use year round and keep boats" outside of 50 meters from the habitat at the sites, where applicable."

    "Pedestrians may be permitted within a narrow walking and sunbathing corridor extending landward from the mean high tide line, from sunrise to sunset, on the oceanside only," states the protocol.

    "Pets, kite-flying, Frisbee and ball-playing, fireworks, wildlife feeding and trash disposal should be prohibited." The protocol document also notes that the corridor could be narrowed or eliminated if necessary to prevent disturbance to plovers."
    Read the full text of the letter here.

    Next up could be Assateague National Seashore, from the Inlet and down through Chincoteague.

    P.S. I am actually a Puerto Rican living in Baltimore which serves as my base of operations for surfing throughout the USA and overseas. Sorry that my official place of domicile offends you and that it is considered material to this discussion. That would be as stupid as me or others disputing your arguments because you are a **** dragger. Neither attribute has standing in the discussion about what is going on down in Cape Hatteras.

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    You all can produce some maps and pictures, that's fine. Now, produce some charts and reports on how these closures directly link to local economic decline. Guess what, Tourism is down everywhere due to the national economy, not just OBX. They are hard to get to as it is, so I'm sure people are not as willing to go so far out of their way to get to remote locations.

    So what if your summer renter house is down? Are you really blaming that on these closures? I'm sure everyone wants to find a reason to blame their failed business or overpriced summer house low incomes on.

    Quote Originally Posted by rodndtube View Post
    because you are a **** dragger
    Likewise. Was that an insult? Sorry to point out where you live.

    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    the only true invasive species of humans are the self-righteous blind faith anti-God anti-human religious fanatic 'enironmentalist' 'green' holier than anyone else blasphemers...there is no evidence.you are liars,you are hypocrites,you are wrong.
    What are you even saying? Humans are the invasive species. Oh, and as well as all the dogs, cats, raccoons, horses, and fox that they brought along with them. (Historical information will explain on how fox and rabbit, etc. were brought to the cape and islands strictly for hunting purposes to begin with)

    Quote Originally Posted by Stranded in Smithfield View Post
    Stop being liberal tree hugging ***s (you two know who you are)...The Federal government NEVER gives back what it takes away (liberties & rights or physical property) and continually expands in size.
    This has nothing to so with trees (By the way, I LOVE trees) So what is this part of the argument? I agree the Feds walk all over rights that were set in place by our forefathers. BUT remember who was elected into office in 2000. THAT is the reason for our lost liberties and a blind ignorance to our constitution. If you voted for him once, shame on him. If you voted for him twice, shame on you.

    The OBX is a fickle place, and if someone does not govern it properly then it could very well be lost. What about when storms come and wash out the roads? What about the hurricane that separated Hatteras Landing from the cape? WHO fixes those problems, the residents?

    Keep 'em coming. I like debates.

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    you aren't debating,you know it all.
    Actually you are wrong.God created man in His image and gave us dominion,so we are not invasive,the universe was created for us by God.
    You think you are God,and that is false,so therefore you deny His existence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ECsponger View Post
    BUT remember who was elected into office in 2000. THAT is the reason for our lost liberties and a blind ignorance to our constitution. If you voted for him once, shame on him. If you voted for him twice, shame on you.

    Lame. What "liberties" have you specifically lost? Can't wait for November!