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    Making Basic Surf Wax

    Here are the ingredients:
    * Paraffin Wax
    * Microcrystalline Wax
    * Petroleum Jelly
    * Adhesive (Vistanex)
    * Small amounts of Scent and dye if you want a nice look / smell
    Take all the ingredients and melt them down together at around 100F in the following proportions.
    60-70% Paraffin
    15-20% Microcrystalline
    5-10% Petroleum Jelly
    5-10% Adhesive
    (Dye and Scent)
    The reason that there is a range of percentages above is so that you can vary the mixtures to suit the water temperature in your region and the stickiness of the wax.
    To adjust for temperature:
    * Warmer Water Temperature: Increase the amount of wax and decrease the amount of petroleum.
    * Colder Water Temperature: Increase the amount of petroleum and decrease the amount of wax.
    The Microcrystalline wax and Vistanex give it the "stickiness"

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    that is very interesting but wax is a dollar some times its just easier to spend a dollar then making a mess in the kitchen