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Thread: Faster Board?

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    Faster Board?

    Im 6'3", 190lbs at 18. Im an amateur riding a 41.5' WR Tamega bat tail but need more speed since I keep getting stuck and dropping back in the barrels.

    Heres how I ride:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC7n8xMgzGE

    Should I get a bigger board or a new riding style?

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    well being that you're 18..maybe it's time to grow up and learn how to ride a surfboard. In case your family or friends haven't told you...I'll let you know. Boogie boarding is for: A) Children, B) Hacks, C) Old Guys, 60 yrs old and up, or D) Puerto Ricans living in poverty

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    Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! Puerto ricans living in poverty. That was classic!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahahaha!\

    LOSTsoul, I have no idea who you are, but judging by that comment, I'd have absolutely no objections to you marrying my daughter, if I ever have one. I wouldn't care that you'd probably be 30 years older than her, and an old, pervented man by then, I'd still be ok with it, by that comment alone.
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    Sounds like the board is a bit small for someone your size. The WR you are riding if more suited for a guy about 5'10, not 6 '3. You need to buy something atleast 43 inches, but I would probably sell you a 44 in or 45 in board. Also, step it up a bit, and buy a more reliable brand (Custom X, Tobbs, No. 6, BZ, etc..)

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    incredible.... your innocence in trying to find help on the forum lead you to get ripped on in more ways than one... next time either go to a surf shop to get advice or research on your own to save yourself the embarrassment

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    After close analysis of your video. Several hydrodynamic engineers concur that if you left yer gawdern tongue in your mouth maybe you'd experience less drag, and would therefore go mo fasta.

    Seriously, though, a bigger board will help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by divinesurf View Post
    next time go to a surf shop to get advice
    or a 7-11... they sell cooler lids

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    b more
    go homegrown with congoboards.com

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    Wow... That video is amazing! I think everyone on this thread needs to watch the video before they bust on this guy. That video coupled with your expression just made my day... Thanks!!