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Thread: Faster Board?

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    Its all about riding style watch videos to improve your posture when you ride

    ok so when generating speed on a boogie board its all about shifting your weight. Riding up on you elbow and hips, arching your back and leaning your weight forward, will help you generate speed. Seeing your video you are riding way to far back and low on your board. Your board is small for you, picking a board more suited for weight then height is a better way for beginners to learn the basics. I would get a board that is 42.5 in length. stiffness and flex of a board will be a contributing factor in determining how fast you want to go. The stiffer the board the faster it will be, having a board that is too stiff tho will be hard to ride. Look into TOYS bodyboard. custom x or toobs, they are American companies who support US riders.

    Also don't let all these surfing jerk offs tell you how uncool the sport is, if you like it keep doing it. These are the same clowns who sit on the shoulder and watch the boogies get the ones when its actually firing.

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    I would be really carefull of that tongue, I have lost a bunch of teeth surfing by being hit in the face by the board, my knee etc. You could do some real damage in a bad wipeout.

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    b more
    sent you a message on your swellinfo page.

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    I watched the video and frankly I don't think mocking the mentally handicapped is very funny

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    ummm i am surfing as well. my bodyboard is the problem, not my surfboard. Can I not do both?

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    and by the way i'm going to penn state and majoring in medicine. that doesn't sound so mentally handicapped does it?

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    Ok now i see what the problem is.. its not that your a sponger.. and its no that your mentally challenged (But really whats up with the tongue?).. Its that your living in PA and we all know people from PA cant drive or make barrels...

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    uhhh i live 5 min from seabright? Im going to penn state, not living in pennsylvania

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    If you're so smart college boy..you should be going to Princeton or UPenn!...you're probably part of the group of hacks that pollute the water at Monmouth Beach!...

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    ohhhhh boogie bashing one my hobbies , dude that video was horrible learn to stand up