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    True, but with the new beach replenishment, it will be a while before OC will be surfable. But assateague is awesome. Either OCMD or OCNJ. Both are pretty good places. Better in winter though
    actually you are wrong. spots are working, just need to know where to look. when there is swell that is.

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    A s s a t e a g u e

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    Just for surf = Rodanthe,

    for all the other stuff + somewhat close proximity to the OBX = Virginia Beach.

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    this is a good thread but i fell southern delware (bethany beach) is great. its really become a year round town. when its flat theres always on shore waves for skim. when it gets big south side get epic. its not far from baltimore to travel and you can commute to dover for work as well. plus tons of fun places to go. its a little classier then OCMD and dewey but close enought you can still go no problem. justa great small town. Plus town of awsome and chill locals.

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    Dundalk, maryland!

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    nyc hands down! between jerz and long island you can hit all the swell angles and wind conditions with a short drive and you're in new-york-effing-city when you go home.

    (and florida people, you need to get out more. you live in the seventh circle of surfing hell and you don't even know it. jax??? LOL!)