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    Advice on San Diego area

    First of all I have to say this is a very good site. I been using this site for about four years now, and despite East Coast swell forecasts being inconsistent, and changing at the drop of a dime at times, this site has never disappointed me. My good buddy referred me to the forums here, and I would like some info from some of you San Diego area guys, or just anyone who has spent some time there. I know this is the Mid Atlantic forum, but the West Coast forums are pretty much dead, and the only really active spot here is the Mid Atlantic forum, and I have seen people discussing all different regions over here before.

    I was living in Sea Isle City NJ for about 3, and a half years or so. I am in Real Estate, and recently lost my job, because of the economic situation, and lousy, slow housing market situation which has plagued a lot of rural and coastal South Jersey in particular since ever since I moved there, and got into the business. Being only 27, and only in the business for not even 4 years it was no surprise I was given up. So now I have just been kicking around, and visiting friends, and relatives, gonna be going around Florida, and all that. I just said screw it, and have been planning to make my big move to San Diego now. I have to admit I have never been to San Diego or West of Colorado which is where I lived for seven years during my childhood. I am by no means the best surfer I will openly admit. I'm not a numbskull kook either.

    The Northeast has become way too overpriced for what it is, and I have been in Jersey for a combined 20 years of my life now. Now I know the San Diego area is overpriced as well, but it seems to have more out of what I am looking for in life. I have found some places for rent in Imperial Beach, and Pacific Beach that look nice, and are more than accomodating to my budget.I would just like to know are these like safe areas? High crime rates? Of course I do plan to visit before I make up my mind if I wanna move there. Thank you in advance.

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    Imperial Beach is right on the Mexican border. Part of the town is questionable like many cities where the new meets the old. The area at the pier has some nice condos and the most upscale part of town. It is a beach break on the south end of the Silver Strand which runs up to Coronado Island. The Strand is the least developed beach (14 miles) in southern California. IB is the best real estate deal around the area for the buck. PB is where you will be right in the middle of the surf culture. Right in between Mission Beach and La Jolla. All kinds of point breaks and beach breaks within a few minutes drive. Lots of social life. There is so much surfing it is impossible to describe. You have to see the area for youself. Real estate in PB is more up from Imperial Beach. You really need to check it out for yourself. Good luck. You will have fun.

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    Well it all depends on what part of the east coast you were from the crime rate in all of the san Diego area doesnt even compare to philly so you should be fine but check out oceans while your there fun place

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    I would definitely recommend PB. I lived there a couple of times over the past 10 years and its a great spot. For a guy who is 27 (I believe you said thats your age), it is a good place to be. You have bars, restaurants, a ton of chicks, a few aggro dudes which can get old, and like someone else said, a ton of beach breaks, reef breaks, and Blacks all within a 15 minute drive. Plus, no 5 mil suit required! As far as feeling safe, I never felt unsafe once. You definitely get a mixed crowd in that town, so as long as you arent stupid you are fine.

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    Been there twice in the past 9 months - I am 24 and that was by far the best vacation i went on. Surfed all day - or until i couldnt paddle then ate great food and drank cheap booze all day in PB. Def Check out Pacific beach, you will love it!

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    Talk to zach619 he is your man for all your questions

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    Wow thanks a lot guys. I stayed on for a couple hours after I made this, and thought it would be overlooked! Again sorry for having to litter the Mid Atlantic forums with West Coast talk, but those forums were dead, and I have seen the San Diego area discussed here before.

    I am originally from North Jersey Southeastern Bergen County to be exact right across the Hudson River. I lived in that area from the time I was born till I was five, and then again from the time I was twelve until twenty three which was only four years ago. Since then I have lived in both Brick, and Lavallette New Jersey, and finally Sea Isle City the last three years. It was a really nice time, but I didn't see any future there. It's overpriced[As is San Diego], and I have really gotten into Surfing the last three or four years. I have Surfed almost anyday I could where it was breaking even if I had to wake up before sunrise. I am not that advanced with my craft yet, but thats okay. San Diego seems to offer a lot of great possibilities. The reason I asked about crime was I found some studio apartments in Imperial Beach for like $850 bucks a month which to me either seemed like a great deal for a San Diego neighborhood or a real sketchy neighborhood that I need a gun for haha. Had ocean views also. I have also found some nice complexes under $1000 a month for studio's, and one bedrooms in Pacific Beach.

    I remember reading on here not too long ago where a guy said he was surfing Imperial, and saw what he thought was a table drifting over, and once it got closer he realized it was a cow! Seems like a real interesting place haha.

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    imperial beach is Gross, always polluted.


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    Encinitas is nice if you can swing it- had a few good sessions at D street & the talent level was high