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    Was surfing the south side of the frisco pier about 6 years ago. the current was ripping down the beach so i paddled out right next to the pier. a bunch of guys were fishing off the pier and i could see their lines coming down into the water as i was paddling out. Went to duckdive a wave and was pretty close to one of the lines right before duckdiving. when i came up i felt something hit my wetsuit top and then bammm right into the side of my face.... the hook. i quickly grabbed the line and tried to maneuver it out with out ripping my cheek apart. as i grabbed it, the fisherman tried to set the hook, thinking he just got a huge bite on his line. so with one hand im trying to hold the line to give a little slack and the other hand is trying to get the f-ing hook out. as im pulling on the line and screaming at the guy whos got me hooked, he keeps thinking hes got a big one on and is reeling like theres no tomorrow. the guy never let up and after about a minute i finally released the hook from my face. that session ended pretty quick. who's fault- probably mine for paddling out next to the pier.

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    The most aggressive fishermen I've ever encountered was a long time ago off the Cocoa Beach pier. Got pretty ugly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SJerzSrfr View Post
    who's fault- probably mine for paddling out next to the pier.
    Yeah it is your fault, but man that sucks.