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    The Florida Fish Fry 2010!

    To everyone

    The next date for the Fl Fish Fry 2010 is Sat May 22nd at the end of Eau Gallie Blvd.in Brevard county... More board demos, and Fins to check out, Free wax and maybe a few Promo giveaways. This is really a good time for friends and family to come and check out surfboards and talk to shapers and see the latest in fins and

    this is truly a come one come all event. If you have a cool board and want to just show it off or if you have shaped a board or 2, bring em. Lets check it out. Don't over think it. Its about having fun and just getting stoked on surfing. There will be all kinds of Shapers there willing to talk about all types of surfboards. And Fin guys showing off the old and newest of fins, We will even have some free wax to give away. So please, just bring down your love of surfing and come have some fun Go for a surf!!

    Please Spread the word



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    unfortunately, swell this weekend will be quite meek compared to next Wednesday's & that's definatly gonna be cut'n into my fish fry gas tank that & the good kind'a dang darn

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