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    Cool XTR Delam Problem

    I am about to get a new XTR surfboard but I am afraid about the delam problem they supposedly have... Maybe some XTR owner can comment on this and also about the flex and durability of the boards.

    Good waves for everyone.

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    It really all depends on how you treat your equipment and where you live. Are you the type to leave a board in your hot car for days on end? XTR are EXCELLENT boards but only if you baby them, (I take care of my expensive equipment). I bought a WRV Chronic XTR over 2 years ago!!! and she only has pressure dings. As far as delam, you will ONLY run into this problem if u practically "cook" the board, meaning no board bag and hot car in summer. They just released the 7.0 foam which is stronger and more heat resistant . Also, now they come with "thermovent" (basically small pin holes to release expanding gases). You may have issues with delam if your constantly in hot humid air and expose to the board to a lot of heat and UV rays. (IDK I live in the NE) Otherwise, these boards are BEASTLY and LIGHT and far cheaper than any other epoxys. I LOVE my XTR and will continue to spread the good word about these boards, epoxysurfboards.com, read up on the boards and make a choice. Oh and sorry I forgot to mention the flex is the closest thing to your regular PU board.
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    Thanks for your helpful reply. I am currently living in NYC so heat is not a big issue most of the year. Anyone knows any good shapers around the area? (I am new in town ).

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    Most local shapers do not shape XTR foam. If they do, I would not trust it. Epoxysurfboards.com its the official site and have multiple shapers (different prices). These designs are relatively cheap for a custom some starting at 500!!! for a custom. Also, they have more well known shapers such as LOST but you will pay. I got a quote from them for 700 BUT consider the board WILL outlast even some carbon fiber boards. I got a WRV chronic and it is my all time favorite. I will NEVER waste money on regular PU board again. You may be tempted to go with another type of epoxy but you will not get the same AWESOME combo from these boards. i.e (dont need to fix dings smaller than 1/4 inch, it wont absorb water keeping the board feeling new, and it is STRONG!!!) I can guarantee that if you try and XTR you will never go back.

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    I just got back from my trip from SDCA and had this talk about the epoxy/XTRs. this what i was told from guys in the business for 30 years. When the glass delams its total failure.

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