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    wear a rash guard or wetsuit top it really helps

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    Wear either a rashgaurd or wetsuit. get some chafe rub on stomach before surf. hope it works.

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    Good Ol' Vaseline on those Inner Thighs always helps the inner leg rash!

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    Bag Balm - designed for raw cow udders. Works like magic on rashes, overnight!

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    The best home remedy for wetsuit rash around neck and on underarms is Robitussin, the Xenopus oocytes soak into the the neoprene of the wetsuit and stop friction from being created what so ever. Its better then most remedies because it lasts the longest. The Robitussin will stay in your wetsuit for 10, 6 hour sessions. It might make your wetsuit get a little bit more brittle where you add the Robitussin.

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    There's only one cure for boardrash. Surf. Then surf some more. Ditch the rashguard. Rub some sand in your wax. Surf. Surf until your chest bleeds (i'm bein' serious). Rub some more sand in your wax. Keep surfing. Peel the scabs off your nipples. Go surf some more. Rub some more sand in your wax. Surf some more.

    Couple of years of that, you'll only wear a rashguard when it's chilly outside and the wind is blowin. Wear sunscreen, lot's of sunscreeen. Have your girl rub it on, rub it on her. The sand in the wax will keep you on your board. I like to use real hot sand, so it sticks to the wax. Same toughness as grip tape. I still get board rash, but only when I surf naked. Every place not covered by board shorts has toughened up over the years.

    Cure means it's gone for good, slappin' aloe on it just takes care of the symptoms. You'll get it again. Just thought I needed to clarify that. My remedy ain't for everyone, but it worked for me.
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    Simple, surf more!

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    cut ur stomach and chest with a hot butter knife and take a vitamin c pill and u'll be fine nacelle

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    Smoke some DMT.

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