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    Ok i know this might sound dumb but idk what to do. I just started driving and i reliezed that i have to put my keys somewhere when i surf. I don't want to bring a backpack on the beach so i was just wondering what everyone else does

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    Most wetsuits have a key pocket....and boardshorts have a pocket....both have a loop, slide the loop thru the hole in your key and slip the loop around the bottom end of the key

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    do your keys have a little chip in it like most newer cars do now a days? also does your car have a keypad on the door with numbers so you have code to get into it? finally do you have a trailer hitch on your car?

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    i have an older truck with no computer chip key,so what i do is,throw my key chain in my center console & lock the truck.then,i take the spare that i have in my wallet & put it in the pocket on my boardshorts & hit the waves!!! throughout my session i check & make sure it's still in my pocket ,that way i never loose my keys on the beach's the best routine for me anyways.....

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    Key Lock

    If you have a hitch on your car, or some other place nearby to do this, use a key lock box and lock the key inside it.

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    I don't know if its Reef or Quicksilver that make a sandal with a pocket in the sole of the heal. My key has a chip in it, so I bring a small bag with me.

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    Stash the keys somewhere on the outside of your ride!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbiz135 View Post
    I don't know if its Reef or Quicksilver that make a sandal with a pocket in the sole of the heal. My key has a chip in it, so I bring a small bag with me.
    Reef makes them I got my wife a pair of them she says it works real well

    I just leave them in my Landrover. That thing has enough hiding spots in it . If I go someplace that I dont frequent offen I lock and put the key in a safe place when nobosy is looking

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    this is a tough question to answer because for all we know thieves are reading this forum. So I wont say exactly what i do. But , always keep at least a door key with you and hide the ignition key somewhere either in the car or somewhere hiden outside and dont let anyone see you stash it or retrieve it. Another option if you're using an umbrella and chairs with a cooler and such is to stash your stuff on the beach with some older kind people that you can trust and know by name. They'll always look after your stuff. Get to know your neighbors. Everyone will watch out for you and vise versa if you're cool!

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    key stash

    I would keep your key on you a lot of vehicals are stolen by thiefs that are hip to what surfers are doing. Mabye its not happening as much on the eastside as in sd but don't even give them the chance.