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    For the sake of my wallet, as well as performance, just finished converting the whole quiver to alternative materials. 1 Firewire, 2 Coils, 1 WRV Flexlite. None of them show much, if any, wear/ pressure dings, etc. And they feel just as, if not more lively as my older PU's did.

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    ive ridden eps, cheap eps's, pu's, tufflites, aviso's etc....theres nothing like a poly blank done with resin-x. i love that stuff. if you want something with great flex and durability thats the resin to use.

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    Take the advice of the shaper. That Solid guy looks like a good choice. Plus he is based literally in the FCS headquarters so I bet he gets alot of good advice and interaction with world class shapers and surfers.

    Anyway, I think that for a small wave board, you want it light and lively. Not so light that it has no momentum/glide, but lighter than a typical PU/PE. A hand-shaped EPS/Epoxy is the way to go.

    I just shaped my first PU blank with Epoxy resin (all others have been EPS/Epoxy). The board goes great in medium-larger surf, but feels a bit heavy/sluggish in the small stuff.

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    I just sold two boards today to the same guy... one EPS/epoxy for the junk, and one PU/PE for head high surf. People are catching on.