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    swell forecast question

    Can anyone please tell me why this site has knee to waist waves forecast and then right next to in the swell period chart it says 2.6 feet at 6 seconds at 2:00pm

    Has anyone seen 3 feet at 6 second produce waist high rideable sets in rhode island or is it just me? Not complaining or anything about this great free surf forecast . It's just a question! Maybe I'm missing something. I've been skunked before going out at 2.5 feet at 14 seconds, forget 6 seconds!

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    the swell periods on the eastcoast are generally ****ed. so dont worry about it

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    2.6 @ 6 seconds for your area, is called knee to thigh high. Of course it will vary at different breaks depending on swell direction, tides, and the bathymetry.

    I'm not sure what forecast you were looking at, but if it said knee to waist, then sometime during the day it was bigger than 2.6 @ 6.

    But, if you dont want to rely on the Swellinfo forecast, then just look at the raw numbers - 2.6 @ 6 is the forecast... So use your local knowledge, and extrapolate from there, what that is like at your local breaks.

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    Yeah I noticed is was 3.3 feet earlier in the day. That's probably where the waist came in. Ok thanks.

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    What I have noticed is that we are about to go into the 3rd week of a flat spell, and I'm sinking deeper into depression as I type this post. So much for an above average hurricane season. Like my man Chuck D said " Don't belive the hype!"......All this El nino to La Nina transition ha!!!!!......Bool****, Bool****, Bool****.....