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    b-board to catch really weak waves?

    Just wondering something. Today I got skunked with knee to thigh waves with zero power. 3.5 feet at 5 seconds. I couldn't catch them with my board. Not enough power to those waves. They were spilling and had open sections though. They weren't closing out. Now I know that longboards can catch small waves that normal surfboards can't.

    So I was wondering if I made by bodyboard more buoyant by taping one board on top of another board, would I be able to catch those really weak waves?

    Also, would a longer board(like the 46 inch big kahuna), (I'm 6 foot 2 155 pounds) have the effect of better being able to catch completely power-less waves?

    I'd rather tape one board onto the other with duck tape because those "big man" type bodyboards are like $200 and I'm broke and I spent 50 bucks on my bodyboard and it works great in regular waves. It's a 41.5 inch board.
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