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Thread: west side oahu

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    west side oahu

    any one ever surfed/ sponged over there? i was there all last week. any interesting stories?

    apparently its a very localist vibe over there, but i was lucky to meet some cool people, even got smoked up by one that "runs" a specific beach he says is his own.

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    lucky bastard,...

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    i surfed there once on the west side of oahu this past march when my fiance, and i spent a week in diamond head. it was probably more of the southwest part of oahu. i really liked it, but it wasn't the best swell. i can't even remember where it was, but it was about 40 minutes west of honolulu. i can't wait to go back in december! we're gonna try to go two of three times a year after this. my girl instructs body piercing classes at a school, but this will be the last year of her contract. now we can only go over winter, and spring break, and of course summer. though summer is so nice up here that it's a waste to take a trip to hawaii. it's more of a winter destination.

    i love it though it's my favorite place in the world that i have been to so far. only been there twice. i wouldn't mind moving there one day. actually i hope to move there one day in hopefully about 15 years.

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    I was there about two Thanksgivings ago. My friend and I surfed Makaha. People were pretty cool for the most part but there was a SUP local who pretty much caught every wave that came through and it wasn't very consistent so he had plenty of time to get back to the lineup and get in front of everyone and take the next wave that came through. He even made a joke about it saying "someone should give some waves to the shortboarders!" It wasn't my favorite spot based on the crowd but once you drive all the way over there, you're sorta making a commitment because there isn't much else over there and the drive takes a while.

    When we went to the showers to rinse off on the beach this one local, who was at the bus stop nearby, made a point to stare at us while we were rinsing off. He pulled his sunglasses down and made sure we saw that he was giving us a serious stink eye. Once we were done, we simply walked back to our car and left. When we got back to our car he finally decided to stop watching us and got on his bus. My friend lives on Oahu and it was very obvious by all the stickers on his car that it was not a rental but he's as white (haole) as a piece of paper so I don't know. It was very odd, I'm not even sure if I'm explaining it well enough to really portray the weirdness of situation. Oh well, what can you do?

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    Respect begets Respect. For the most part... There is always the rare exception.

    That is, unless you are somewhere you really shouldnt be then all bets are off.

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    I have surfed the west shore and its def more localized than the south shore, but the people are great!! U just gotta let them have their wave and take the leftovers (which are still epic)_Haha. The south shore is really fun, a little crowded with tourists but def worth it.

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    I have surfed all over Oahu. Makaha on the west shore is a great surf spot, I was lucky to catch it on some very good days. Very localized and locals can be brutal. Be respectful, wait for a wave, and you will have fun.

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    stuckinva...... i know exactly what you mean...and its just that, a weird local vibe but like Gcoop and the bumber stickers say, give respect get respect.

    we were at a spot that was like 90% SUP and didnt like the vibe so we went to a spot just 10 minutes north and its 90% spongers and had alot of fun there and met all the cool people there.

    we stayed in Ko Olina, its a marriot resort right on the south west corner, half hour west of honolulu