I've got 3 boards for sale:

(2) 9'6 Robert August What I Ride, both in mint condition, one has never seen wax nor water, the other one was in the water twice.
(1) 10' Wingnut, mint condition, been in the water once, literally.

Take one or two or all three. These sticks cruise in every type of surf, from slop to overhead. Beginner to expert, no kiddin,' you'll have a blast on it & you can teach the kiddies or the sig other on this board, too.

No dings, no scratches on any of these boards. Truly mint condition longboards.
Reason for selling: I essentially went nuts & purchased too many boards in 2004-2005. At this point in my life, I ride other boards. Thus, these 3 awesome sticks are just sitting up on display racks on the walls, awaiting action. BTW, these are Clark Foam blanks from the period just before Grubby shuttered the place.

Boards are in Arlington, VA. I can ship anywhere; I own a biz whereby we ship large, fragile items all over the world, so we'll get you the board without damage / ding 'cause we know how to pack stuff so that the baggage freight gorillas don't wreck it. I also cruise to Virginia Beach quite often, as well as the eastern shore, so I could run it out to you if you want. Original price on these boards was 900+ usd apiece. (check the Robert August website to verify) Pricey boards, but from one of the all-time-best shapers.

I'm easy: best offer takes one or all of these showpiece sticks created by the legendary Robert August shop.

Perfect east coast boards. I had one other of these, a battle-scarred 9'6 (thank you, American Airlines baggage monkeys), & I used that stick to catch rafts of waves at Assateague. Gave it away to a totally grounded surfer / lifeguard on my last trip to Barbados - he uses it now to give lessons & feed his family with the proceeds.

Plenty of close-up pics of these boards upon request.

pm me on swellinfo.com or falcon@fedlock.com

Stay healthy, stick together out there & support each other.