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    Marshall Crenshaw... Damn!


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    I think it is good for the surf community. I know the few owners of the shops would dissagree, but this will help bring prices to a competetive level in the area, so its not all crazy markups for tourist season....

    Where I live, there are 3 major surf shops in my little neighborhood. The most popular is the one that will be like Coastal Edge. Its got corporate influence etc... But the way my neighborhood does it is different. only ONE out of the three shops can carry one major brand. So, the popular more corporate shop has the billabong/ripcurl/quicksilver suits, as well as all the firewire and channel islands boards etc... This shop is where you get all the mainsteam stuff. The other two shops split the remaining contracts and pick up the body glove and a bunch of local stuff, plus one etc...

    So each shop has its niche, but in most areas and cities, there are no peaceful solutions like that, so I think its only fair that there are a bunch of surf shops in town, all offering competetive prices on new equipment. Its not fair to locals in OC to have to only choose between 3 surf shops, that probably already cost their stuff out higher than most areas would, due to the isolation of the delmarva coastline.... Its the whole monopoly idea.... I think for all the surfers, looking to buy new gear and stuff, it should be great...

    Not to mention that anyone who has plans to put money into the surf community, organizing comps and events is great!!!!

    Hopefully it will work out... Sometimes the surf world needs a little corporate influence so that local shapers stop charging 850$ for their custom fish. It is what it is, and mass produced materials cost less and are in a much higher demand. Point being, that it wont hurt the local shaping market. If you get locally shaped now, you always will... but this gives more potions.

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    I've been to the one in KDH. It's a pretty big store and the people were friendly. I probably wouldn't buy a board from them because I'd rather get one shaped, but it's an okay place if you need a t shirt or some flip flops or need to kill some time. The more the merrier I say.

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    If its a year round store thats cool alot of surfshops cut hours after labor day. most dont even open after october in my area. There are 3 shop I get stuff from that are year round and I get differnet stuff from each shop .

    Spread the wealth

    Money is like Manure . If you dont spread it around it starts to sink up the place

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    If its a year round store thats cool alot of surfshops cut hours after labor day. most dont even open after october in my area.
    well at least during october they will sell sweet halloween costumes http://store.halloweenplanet.com/index.htmll (costal edge owns that place too)
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    hey theyre legit. they throw plenty of demos like i went to a bam margera demo in VB last year and just got a s***load of free stuff. i didnt so much care about bam lol

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    Yup, remember the hurricane... think every ice bucket in that place drained onto the floor, was always 2" of water on it... what is that place now, a parking lot.

    Would be nice to see something survive @ 45th street. But, I think I would rather see a local shop get bigger (and become a destination), rather than 'surf'-walmart move in. See the big box advantages too.

    Must be a market for it, 'edwards' really rolled over their gift shop, and became a surf shop...

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    i dislocated my thumb breakdancing at the hurricane.

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    The Hoochiecane! And the 32 ounce cup... Filled with warm King Cobra malt liquor.

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    Haven't we seen this before a few years back?? (another Va. Beach shop open AND CLOSE in Ocean City) Support our local shops - Malibus, Endless Summer, Chaunceys, K-Coast... ALL owned by really cool guys who need OUR business in these ****ty economic times... ALSO, as someone else said, 45th Street Village is a dump.